We live for your
listening pleasures.


We at Audio Pursuits let you experience a world-class, high-quality sound by offering audio equipment from top international brands. We aim to be a place where guests will always find their listening experience worth their time and effort. Our purpose is to bring in and deliver the finest audio equipment- from first-rate audio sources, best-in-class Hi-Fi amplifiers and speaker arrays, to top grade cables and more, that will satisfy your ears.


Back in 2016, a young audiophile and entrepreneur at the same time started collecting Hi-Fi audio equipment which he listened to internationally. In the same year, Audio Pursuits was established to cater, serve and guide the audiophiles and music lovers in the country.


To this day, we are committed to providing exceptional listening experience by offering audio equipment from renowned brands such as Dynaudio, Linn, Sonus faber, Plinius Audio, Jadis Electronics, Transparent audio cables and many more.



To make Audio Pursuits the preferred audio hub for our customers by providing world-class quality products and exceptional customer experience



To provide products and services for the highest sound quality from top international Hi-Fi brand manufacturers

We at Audio Pursuits only aims at delivering the highest quality audio products to meet your demand.